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Deland Outdoor Kitchens

Installing an outdoor kitchen or fire pit is always a nice addition to your outdoor living area. Exquisite Pool and Spa offers hardscape and landscape packages to complement your outdoor area as well as complete the project with one contractor.

Entertaining at home is becoming increasingly popular throughout Central Florida. Outdoor kitchens are a big part of this trend, and Exquisite Pool & Spa in Deland is fast becoming the favored source for expertly designed and constructed outdoor living spaces that beautifully complement pools and spas.

The evolution of the American backyard has turned this once dull, grassy space spotted with children’s toys and Dad’s grill into a cozy and elegant extension of home’s interior, complete with upgraded seating and dining areas (no more flimsy plastic furniture, thanks to weather–proofed, luxury fabrics and materials), cozy fire pits and alfresco gourmet kitchens. Rivaling the nicest indoor kitchens in the most upscale neighborhoods in the region, outdoor kitchens by Exquisite Pool & Spa can feature any of the following:

  • Beautiful countertops and bars with built-in cook-tops;
  • Large covered grills;
  • Gourmet pizza ovens;
  • Refrigerators and icemakers;
  • Warming cabinets;
  • Wine chilling cabinet;
  • Sinks;
  • And generous cabinet space for dishes.

Numerous surveys by organizations such as the American Institute of Architects suggest the “nesting” trend will continue as Americans forego expensive vacations and nights out, opting instead for family “staycations” and entertaining friends and colleagues at home. Economics and a desire to ditch the hectic, jet–setting lifestyle for a return to a simpler, family–centered lifestyle are among the factors encouraging this trend, and Exquisite Pool & Spa is ahead of the curve. As our name suggests, we design and install Central Florida’s best built pools and spas. But a beautiful swimming pool or spa is just one piece of the stunning outdoor living spaces we can create for you. Let us design and build a mini–paradise sure to be the envy of your neighbors and guests.

For clients throughout Central Florida north to St. Augustine, west to Eustis, and east to Palm Coast, outdoor kitchens by Exquisite Pool & Spa are becoming a coveted home feature. Not only will an outdoor kitchen, pool and spa ensure years of enjoyment for you and your family, they’ll also boost your home’s value, ensuring it will fetch a higher price should you decide to sell your home. If you’re looking to raise your home’s asking price or your family’s standard of living, an outdoor kitchen with complementing hardscaping and landscaping surrounding a beautiful pool and/or spa is a no–fail option. Take a visual stroll through our gallery to see how Exquisite Pool & Spa has enriched the homes and family/social lives of clients throughout Central Florida. Then, call (386) 216–9945 to speak with an Exquisite design specialist today.

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