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Privacy Policy

Exquisite Pool & Spa services and products are intended to collect and make available information concerning the end-user's activities. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that its use complies with any applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to any laws or regulations concerning privacy of the end-user. Further, it is the customer's sole responsibility to develop and communicate policies concerning use of Exquisite Pool & Spa services and products and gather any consent(s) to the use of the services and products, from end-users or otherwise, as may be required under applicable federal, state, or local law, rule, regulation or order. Customers are urged to consult with their own counsel in connection with the particular use to which the customer puts the services and products and the potential implications from that use. Personal digital assistants and other item(s) of equipment used in connection with Exquisite Pool & Spa services should not be operated while driving.

The Exquisite Pool & Spa devices, products and services may use satellite and/or wireless networks owned and operated by third parties. Actual coverage and operation of the devices, products and services depend on a variety of factors, including without limitation, system availability and capacity; system and equipment upgrades, repairs, maintenance, modifications and relocation; user's equipment; terrain; signal strength; structural conditions; weather and atmospheric conditions; availability of power; governmental regulations; suspected fraudulent activities; acts of God and other conditions beyond the reasonable control of Exquisite Pool & Spa.

Exquisite Pool & Spa will not be responsible for limits in coverage or performance degradation due to any such conditions. The user acknowledges that coverage and calling areas may be interrupted, halted, or curtailed or the quality of the transmission may be diminished at any time. The devices, products and services are dependent upon the availability of the Internet, which is owned and operated by and accessed through third parties. Exquisite Pool & Spa assumes no responsibility for improper storage of data or information or delivery of messages. The user assumes the entire risk in downloading or otherwise accessing any data, information, files or other materials obtained from the Exquisite Pool & Spa website, even if the user has paid for or otherwise been provided virus protection services from Exquisite Pool & Spa.

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